Fractured Reflections EP

by Reign Of Perdition

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4 track E.P
Recorded at Freefall Recordings in St Just Cornwall UK in May 2014
Produced, mixed and mastered by Adam Chinner


released July 11, 2014

Bruce Powell - Vocals, Bass and Synths
Tom Warren - Vocals and Drums
Mike Sprague - Guitars



all rights reserved


Reign Of Perdition Chard, UK

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Track Name: Perpetual Winter
Tainted horizon, now looming unto summer’s reclusion…

Advent foreboding, seemingly perpetual winter
Lucidness subsides, elation in absentia

Immured into this forlorn state, far from solitude
Nights grow cold; I sink further into my desolation
Time goes slow in my perseverance of ascension

Searching the shadowed halls
Sullen with apathy, I stare…
Warm breath obscures the view
Gazing into the distance

A figure stood motionless,
Paragon dressed in white.
As the sun rises
It fades away

Hypnotised by the sojourn of the silhouette
Clouded by confusion of its origin

I await nocturnal beauty
Come darkness…Consume me
Track Name: An Apparition In Entropy
Days then turn to weeks
Past the epiphany
With my self-induced insomnia

Apparition that I meet
Blackened affinity
Now ever closer to my caress

Familiar with its ghostly presence
Comforted by its divine light
Observed to saturation
A clear portrait

Moonlight brought its arrival
The same as yesterday
Its flawless semblance not apparent
White face a shade of grey


Imperfections arise
An abhorrent sight
Standing afar, falling apart
Agonising scream
Distorted Vision…
Drifting away, sinking below

Twisted visage staring at me, lines cracking the face
Convulsing body clawing forwards, Shaking from the pain
Trapped inside this nightmare with no way to escape
Track Name: Fractured Reflections
Pale gaunt face, cold vacant glare.
Haggard and drawn, withstanding the test of time.
Silent in anguish, it's decaying soul.
Perplexing my perception of its former self.
Abyssal eyes, a stained grin, with writhing flesh and seething lips.
Yet within its esoteric corrosion, resemblance is made.
Beyond the glass was not a spirit but my own entity.
Fractured Reflections.
All their eyes stare back, deep red shifts to black.
Embraced by their clawing grasp.
Absorb, consume, devour consciousness.
Bereft, bereaved, betrayed and deceived.
Hallucinations victimised my sight.
All hope is gone, sentience lost.
I await the equinox, will this withered season end?
Light illuminates the room and I emerge into the suns warmth and ascend from the frozen tomb.
Now winter has passed and my mind is clear.
I rise from the depths and look towards the sky.